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We at ginstr know our customers‘ business. Therefore we develop apps that strictly geared to cater to their needs. Not just what is feasible, but the coming up with the most meaningful solutions is our priority.

Our aim is to make the daily routine tasks of your employees more efficient and transparent. Digital documentation instead of endless paper forms. Process loyalty and accountability instead of chaos on desks and in folders. Saving resources rather than hectic activities. Clean and transparent planning and handovers instead of contingencies. Customer satisfaction and price consciousness instead complaints and inquiries.

All this can be reached through the use of ginstr solutions; finally putting an end to the waste of materials, time and money.

Pay attention to meeting deadlines and responsibilities. They control the process loyalty of recurring tasks and give you time for the essentials.
You record the working time, tasks and location of mobile employees. Check for example, operating times, locations and audit plans for machines. You collect electronic signature, images, videos, audios, QR codes, NFC tags among other things in the process.

And all this without the extra burden of cumbersome forms – just with a smartphone.

In addition ginstr web also offers the functionality that allows you to access the data from anywhere in the world in real time, analyse it in order to achieve optimal processes.

Use any one of our free business apps for field workers to collect data.
Captured data from all mobile devices is synchronised with the ginstr cloud.
Management can access this data via the online data management software from any web browser in real time.
All data gets saved in the cloud with secure servers based throughout Germany.